Training for the Marathon

The winters are arriving; and with it comes the steady set of marathons all across the country. It may well be that you run the Mumbai marathon, drive over to Navi Mumbai or even fly over to Delhi for the cities’ edition.

If you are a regular marathoner, fitness may not be a big concern. However, here is a big opportunity for the first-timers to get their fitness routine together. All it needs is adequate planning and dedicated preparation. A little bit of help from the panel of experts at TrainMe can also help. Here are a few tips on designing the appropriate fitness plan.

  • Find the right training plan

The key is to understand your own body, what is required for you to be able to complete the run. Mileage, endurance, stamina, strength – it could be any or all of these. All you need to do is feed in your goal, and the algorithm of the application will devise the best option for you. You may then book appointments with instructors to follow through on this.

  • Taking it slow and easy

It is always best to build a plan that gets you going slowly, and gradually pick up pace. This allows the body to work up its strength and build up endurance. It allows for recovery time for the muscles and gives it enough time to recover. This means that the runner crosses the finishing line easily, rather than being sore all over.

  • The right diet

Through the gruelling process of building yourself up for the marathon, it is important to pick out a diet that will complement your fitness efforts. Making it a protein-rich food with low sugar and carbohydrates’ intake makes the body utilise the carbs and fats and convert it into energy – basically create a calorie deficit. A 3:1 ratio for protein to carbs is the recommended measure by fitness experts. Smaller meals are a must, so that the body is constantly receiving energy and not eating into body muscles for nutrition.

  • Focus on weights as much as cardio

Most people focus on how many calories are burnt when in the gym instead of thinking about overall calorie burn including when you are not working out. Weight training does that for you. Weight training increases metabolism much better than cardio workouts. It also helps build up body muscle which results in increasing the calorie burn rate. Weight training also results in reshaping your body vis-à-vis just losing weight.

  • Set your goals

Like for the success of any endeavour – fitness has to have a goal too. That’s why we repeat this in almost every blog of ours. Set weekly goals for yourself – be it in terms of weights lifted, pacing yourself, distance covered and so on. It’s a huge mental boost to look at your daily record and take note of the accomplishments.

There are several awe-inspiring blogs by people who have successfully completed their first marathons and gone on to participate year after year. Wish you a fit and healthy marathon!

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