Staying fit in spite of a gruelling office schedule

One of the most common excuses for not getting into shape or staying fit is a hectic work schedule. Here are a few tips that office-goers can try to main status quo on the fitness scale, not to improve it though.

  • Choosing your chair

Very important if you are to maintain your posture; choose a chair that keeps your back erect while giving the lower back support. It keeps you back strong, and in case you already have a problem – it helps to not aggravate the situation.

  • Walk when you talk, Sirji

In today’s time and age, almost 40% of our time in office in spent on the phone speaking to colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. Great opportunity there – walk while you do it. Get yourself a good pair of hands-free device and walk your way to health and great work conversations. While you are it, a good pair of walking shoes will help – walking around in those stilettos are a recipe for a terrible back problem.

  • Watch what you eat

Working on a deadline, late office hours, stressful situations – all provide the perfect excuse to binge-eat. Chips, cups of coffee, odd eating hours – all these can result in seriously hampering your system. Instead, carry healthy tit-bits with you to munch on – peanuts, oats upma, healthy biscuits and so on. No more of those ordering of pastries, pizza or unhealthy junk with colleagues!

Gradually reduce the intake of coffee and replace it with green tea or even plain hot water – it works, trust us. Make sure you have at least two litres of water each day – having a glass at the table instead of water also makes sure you get up from your desk and walk to the cooler every hour; a healthy practise we say. Cold water is to be absolutely avoided.

  • A few exercises while in office

It is very useful to have a few exercises handy that you can carry out once in every couple of hours. In our next blog, we will give an entire list of such exercises that you can practise in any corner of the office – no matter the outfit you are wearing. It may also be a good idea to get together a few colleagues who may be interested in doing this. It is always more fun and motivating when you are with fellows than going at it alone.

  • A walk around the office

If you are one of those lucky office-goers who has their office in a good complex, make the most of it. Keep a pair of walking shows in office that you can use for a walk after lunch or in the evening. Plug in your earplugs, catch a pace and keep it for about half an hour. Should be a great way to get those creative juices flowing too.

And, once you are sufficiently warmed up by these, you can download our app and try out our free package to take your fitness levels to the next levels.

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