How to motivate yourself to stick to your exercise schedule

It is always said that the first 21 days are the most difficult when it comes to sticking to a schedule. However, like all things, this has a cheat-sheet too. Here are a few ways you can motivate yourself every morning to follow through on your schedule.


  • Set a goal

Break your larger game plan into smaller goals ie I will run 1km or 20mins more each day; 5kgs of weights added to the regimen. This helps you get the endorphin rush when you have accomplished it, a feeling that is very easy to get used to.

  • Get your own workout team together

Being in a group works its magic like nothing else. Create a whatsapp group of like-minded friends and share your daily goals and accomplishments. The daily stating of achievements is a great booster for the morale. And if you are unable to do so on a particular day, the support that comes from fellow enthusiasts will be the perfect push to wake you up the next morning.

  • Get into your gear and reach your fitness area

Even on days when you are just not up to any exercises or running, just get into the exercise wear and head to the gym or park where you do your routine. ‘I just have to warm up and then I’ll go back’ – should get you there. We bet our last rupee you won’t be going back after just a warm-up. Walk around or sit by the running track. It is highly unlikely that all your peers pumping away will not affect you, sooner or later. And, soon enough, you will be in the thick of things working off the sluggishness.

  • Keep a diary

It always helps to make a note of your daily workout regimen. Not just to showcase the steady rise in your strength and stamina, but to motivate yourself from time to time. On the days when you just fail to see any change in yourself, these notes help to show you how far you have gotten since you started. It may be a diary with all details or photographs clicked at regular intervals since you started.

  • Make a sound and dance about achievements

If you have been able to reach your smaller goals, share them on the whatsapp group you have created and with loved ones – friends, family, colleagues and so on. Again, a much recommended endorphin high!

Above all, keep a pumping playlist of music handy for that run. Having motivational quotes by fit people in the line of vision also helps to get your lazy self up and running. Every morning you get up and get in action is a choice you make – feel the power and make the most of it!

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Happy fighting fit!

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