An Interview with Huzefa Lokhandwala

Q) So Huzefa, tell us a little about yourself.

A) I have been associated with the fitness industry for close to 18 years now, and it has been quite an experience. And it has been an educative journey too. I have trained fitness trainers and managed centers across the country. Working in close quarters with many eminent personalities from various fields has given me an exposure to the industry that has been unique. I have learned that fitness, like most people believe, is not only about building your muscles. It’s all about ensuring that your mind is attuned to your body’s health and thus contributes to it.

Q) That’s interesting. Most people often loathe to work out because of so many health reasons… how do you deal with those?

A) Well, I am ACE(American Council of Exercise) and ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine) certified and I’ve also attended workshops in Shanghai and Australia as part of a program conducted by Adidas. Basically, I have learned much about a wide variety of subjects including Postural Analysis and Correction Techniques and the body’s anatomy. It is my belief that if your trainer is on the same page as you are on your health there will always be a way to become fit. Your trainer must know everything about your health and only then can they help you balance both.

Q) How are you associated with TrainMe?

A) I have personally designed all the workout patterns based on all possible goals that an individual can aim for – Muscle building, stamina, basic fitness, weight loss, etc. TrainMe is a way to make fitness more user-friendly and accessible to people.

Q) Why not go to one of your gyms? Why TrainMe?

A) People living in big cities like we do face two major problems when it comes to fitness – they lack convenience and they lack a personal connection. With TrainMe, we have tried to bridge this gap and bring to users a whole new experience with KynamaX. All our workouts are personalized according to a full body assessment of the user. This helps us understand their complete medical history, physical conditioning and strength capacity. We align this assessment with the user’s goals, and create a customized routine for them. They can then book a KynamaX session with a personal trainer who ensures that they follow this routine. The best part is that they can do this as per their own convenience. Whatever time, whatever place you choose, we will come there and train you. So that’s why, with TrainMe, they won’t even need to come to one of my gyms!

Q) Hold up, what’s KynamaX?

A) KynamaX is a globally tried and tested fitness approach. It employs the use of resistance bands that are made with a unique rubber compound. The weight and thickness of the bands renders all heavy gym equipment unnecessary. KynamaX workouts are more challenging compared to any other, as they enable the user to workout in various anatomical planes which allows maximum motion!

Q) So what does that imply? Why is it different from using say, weights or a machine?

A) When you work out in a gym, you always use force against gravity. You are essentially lifting weight off the ground, in the form of dumbbells or even a machine. There’s always a higher risk of dropping the weight, jerking a muscle, losing balance and injuring yourself. We use bands to work every single muscle group in the body. It’s like going to a gym without actually having to be there.

Q) Wow, we’d sure love to try that! But do we have to buy the KynamaX bands?

A) No! For every KynamaX session that you book, the trainer will come to location you give us and with all the equipment. All you need are your sports shoes, a towel and bottle of water.

Q) Phew, that’s a relief! Tell us more. How did KynamaX come to be?

A) KynamaX is an internationally accepted and implemented way of exercise. It has been proven ideal for the body’s overall fitness and conditioning. It is a good, calculated mix of strength, fat loss and endurance building. It’s a holistic way of working out which goes way beyond just building muscle. And not just us, but individuals across the world swear by this technique. Even athletes – they train using motion and body movements. Professional bodybuilders, on the other hand, definitely need a gym. Gyms and weights are primarily meant for building muscle mass.

Q) So, why must one use Kyanamax if not to build their body? Isn’t that fitness too?

A) Exactly the misconception we are trying to do away with. Bodybuilding is a goal in itself and takes just as much work as it would take to become a professional sportsperson. But people connect fitness with bodybuilding. But fitness is actually more to do with you realizing your body’s true potential. When you remain healthy, you are able to achieve all that you are meant to and more. So with KynamaX, we are trying to bring to India a unique and international standard of overall fitness.

Awesome, Huzefa! Thanks for sharing all of that with us. We can’t wait to get started!

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