Calisthenics – when we are not around

While the TrainMe app gets you trainers at half an hour’s notice, there will be times when we are unable to reach you to join in your daily workout – when you are travelling. And with work schedules taking executives around the world across time zones, health is the first casualty.

Exercising can be the perfect panacea for jet lag and adjusting the body cycle to suit the new geography. Our panel of TrainMe experts suggests Calisthenics as the perfect solution to tackle this problem.

What is this?

Simply put, Calisthenics is weight training – using your own body weight effectively to build strength to your core. The best part of this is you don’t have to maneuver around the new city to figure out the gym or step out in a strange land – you can get started right in your own room.

And although in the comfort of your own room, it involves multiple muscle groups and burns calories as fast as weights.

What can you do?

Here are a few exercises our panel has put together for you to follow till you are back.

But before you start anything, remember to warm up – the golden rule to any form of exercise. Your regular routine at the gym will do.

  • Squats

This must be an on-the-menu even with your TrainMe instructor; keep the rounds of squats going no matter where you are – helps keep your legs and butt in shape. Not just that, it improves your posture, hips, back and knees.

  • Incline push-ups

Push-ups are, probably, the most under-rated exercises. If done properly, it can transform your body strength and shape. If you are unable to get much far in regular push-ups, find a strong platform at an angle to balance and get started. Make sure your hands at the exact line as your hands, and your legs are joint together at the heel.

  • The bench dip

A great way to strengthen your triceps; it helps tone and strengthen your arms too. The strong and sturdy hotel room bed would be a great support for this.

  • Back bridge

Perfect for your entire posterior chain, hamstrings and adductors, the back bridge is the perfect way to stretch your anterior. Start with lying down with arms stretched along the body and palms facing down, and legs folded up at the knees. Now squeeze your glutes and push your hip upwards.

  • Planks

Planks are the best way to strengthen your abs and lose that tummy. The traditional planks or the side planks are great if you have built enough strength for it.

Travelling is no reason to miss your workout. A few adjustments and you should be feeling as refreshed as you do back home – if anything it only makes you alert after a drabby flight or disturbed sleep in a new hotel room.

It may be a good idea to do a few practice rounds with your TrainMe instructor before setting out on your trip – that way you can be sure about the postures to take for each.

So, log into the app now to make a booking for Calisthenics!

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