Basic exercises for office

In our earlier blog, we spoke about small measures you can take to stay fit in spite of a gruelling office schedule. Taking forward our promise to update all of you about simple exercises that you can practise during five-10 mins breaks, here is a blog listing out what you can do.

There are two primary types of schedules you can take up in office – the primary or entry-level workout, and the more advanced one.

The entry-level series

Any series here begins with sitting upright, back not slouched, shoulder erect.

  • Working the shoulder
    1. Side to side – dip your head to the right side as far as you can, then bring it up straight and repeat to the left. Do it gently and stretch as far as you go without hurting yourself. Hold your tilted head for 10 secs before coming back up again.
    2. Roll you head 360 degrees clockwise and anti-clockwise. Do this consecutively about 10 times.
    3. Roll both shoulders forwards and backwards in a circular motion. Do it ten times in each direction. Make sure your arms were relaxed enough before you start this.
  • Stretches
    1. Stretch out both arms out in front of you. Now hold fingers of one against the other and push the other hand’s finger as far back as possible. Do it firmly, not forcefully. Hold it to the count of five and repeat to the other hand. Repeat this 10 times in all – both hands included.
    2. Interlock your fingers and push them outward towards the sky. Stretch it as far as possible and hold to the count of ten. Do this 10 times. You may do this while you are seated or standing up erect. You may also stand on your toes as you do this. Helps relax those toe muscles also.
    3. Hold your hands behind your back and outstretch it. This allows you to stretch your chest. Hold this for about 10 seconds, and repeat five times. You could do this while sitting upright or standing up. You may also sit cross-legged on the floor, stretch your hands backwards and then bend down to touch your nose on the floor.
    4. Seat yourself comfortably on a chair. Raise one knee, fold it at the knee and bring it towards your chest as close as you can. Hold it tightly for 5-10 seconds. Now repeat this with each leg five times.
  • Squats
    1. Sit on a chair where you can sit erect. Hold out your hands in front of you. Now raise yourself and stand up without bending your upper body forward, much like squats. Just that this is chair squats.

In this session, we have only dealt with entry-level exercises. To begin, you can do this at your desk or find yourself a quite corner in office to take a 15-minute break. Get a few colleagues together if you are feeling too conscious of doing it by yourself.

In the next series, our panel will share a series of exercises for advanced level fitness breaks in office.

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